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Stick Season Celebration

Come to the water for a day of rest and play. Experience a day of reflection and breathing. Plan to walk, reflect and meditate in silence, whispers and laughter. As you know, the day is yours and how you choose to fill the time or empty the time is all about you. I will have an array of activities that can lead you in a direction, the path is yours to find and follow. The theme will evolve around the "bare" essentials of getting read for the season of nurturing from within.

Suggestions for filling the gift of time, center on what you believe is important to you...the only real necessity is showing up, being present and the rest will happen. Come to this unique space prepared to learn. give and take, and grow into the wise people we are journeying toward.

Annually celebrated in November at Mercy Center in Madison. This one day retreat is normally scheduled on a weekend from 9 AM to 4 PM and includes lunch.

Seascape Retreat

Engages the retreat participants in a sacred time on holy ground. Spend time with shells on the shore, waves, labarynth, and nature with a unique theme each year that is based on the retreat participants. Come and encounter the gift of time, shared wisdom, and life stories.

This retreat is scheduled annually in February at Mercy Center in Madison. This multiple-day weekend retreat starts 4 PM Friday and ends at Noon on Sunday. All meals provided.