Deanna Chvatal

About Deanna & Aha! Tales

Deanna Chvatal has spent 25 years working with children, teaching academics. She has a private therapy practice in West Hartford, CT. She's also an accomplished storyteller and facilitator of wisdom circles, parenting groups, personal development and communication workshops.

Deanna works with individuals, couples, families, and groups. From the moment you set foot in her office, you know that Deanna is your family therapist. The office is comfortable, the art and artifacts that surround you give you clues that Deanna is open minded and that she truly cares for her clients. Spend some time with Deanna Chvatal, and immediately you know that she is a dynamic and extraordinary woman.

Aha! Tales is a process which is designed to help us become aware of the Aha! moments in our life stories. Using the awareness of these moments, we are able to explore options for change and healing.

Deanna's full profile can be found on Psychology Today.